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      Landscape of Mountain Taibai
      Climbing along the Mountain Taibai, a new view appears for each step,...
      Travel Guides for Mountain Taiba
      Notice about no service for foreigners guests temporarily
      Due to the serious epidemic situation of Cronavirus a board, all foreigners guests are not permitted to offer
      Traffic Strategies for the Tour to Taibai Mountain
      Bus Timetable for Taibai Mountain1 Bus NO 203 Taibai Mountain—Huaiya—Mei County (North Route)Departure: 06:50 —
      Convenience items Precautions
      Convenience items Precautions1,First, for the travel convenience of special populations,the resort offers free conve
      2-day Tour to Red Valley Forest Park
      Day 1After the breakfast, tourists will head for Mei County by bus, targeting at Red Valley Forest Park—integrat
      1-day Tour to Famen Temple and Taibai Mountain(Xi’an)
      Visitors will depart from Xi&rsquo;an at 7:00 am and take the bus on the Xi&rsquo;an-to-Baoji highway for 1 5 h
      3-day Tour to Famen Temple, Taibai Mountain, Drift, Red Valley and Western Orchi
      Day 1After the breakfast, visitors will head for the Famen Town by bus on Xi’an-to-Baoji highway, then see
      Accommodation and Entertainment
      Strategies for Food in Taibai Mountain
      When you travel around Taibai Mountain, except for enjoying the beautiful natural landscape, wonderful water world,
      Overall Introduction to the Taibai Mountain Yinxiang Jincheng Hotel
      he hotel is located on the main street of newly-built area of the International Tourist Resort of Taibai Mountai
      Accommodation in the Tour to Taibai Mountain
      aibai Yinxiang Resort HotelLocated in the middle of the Tangyu Avenue in the International Tourist Resort in Mei
      Villa of Green Garden
      Located in the entrance to the Taibai Mountain National Forest Park, Villa of Green Garden has been surrounded b
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